About – As I  explain on the HOME page, I live in Cambodia and I have had Diabetes Type 2 for over 7 years now.

It took a while to realize I had Diabetes, I thought the aches pains and lethargy was down to my boozy, raucous lifestyle and getting old.

However, I knew something was serious when I could hardly walk up the one flight of stairs to my apartment and fell down a few times… sober !

Although drinking copious amounts of fluids, I still had a unquenchable  thirst.

I pee’d a lot; In fact, sometimes I never made it to the toilet in time, but we won’t go into those embarrassing little episodes, needless to say, camouflaged shorts became my everyday wear.

That’s when I decided I needed help.

I am the same as most people, fearing the worse when seeing the doctor, who, after I described my symptoms, took a lancet sample and tested it.

When he saw the result, he told me I had Diabetes Type 2 , gave me Metformin and sitagliptin and sent me off for a Hb A1c test. The result was 15.2 mmol/l.

The Doctor, a Cambodian GP, explained very little to me about Diabetes, apart from eat fish and don’t eat chicken skin, or sugar, other than that I still new nothing about Diabetes

I felt scared, I knew this was a life changing condition and I was right…

Although, it wasn’t a bad thing. In fact…

I am the healthiest I have been since I was in the armed forces nearly 30- years-ago, and wake up every day feeling great.

I swim daily and go to the gym, that world alone would have sent me into a sweat not too many years ago. None of these changes happened until I took Moringa…  

I also now see a Cambodian Diabetic specialist and thanks to him I learned more about Diabetes.

The better I felt, the easier I found it was to motivate myself.

I have done a lot over the past few years…