Diabetes – Blood Sugar Management with Moringa (Review)

Do you have Diabetes ?

Are you struggling to lower your blood glucose levels with diet exercise and glycaemic medicines?

Moringa is a powerful tool against this serious medical condition.

The video below produced by the Discovery Channel is an overview of Moringa Oleifera the “The Tree of life”

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Moringa Oleifera is also known as the The Tree of Life, Miracle Tree, and Drumstick Tree. The leaves, seeds, and flowers of the Moringa tree have been discovered to safely and significantly reduce and maintain blood sugar levels…

Moringa Oleifera, is not a replacement for a balanced diet, exercise, and Diabetes medications; it is a natural supplement, which, when combined with your other treatments will regulate your blood sugar to an acceptable level and maintain it.

Not only will Moringa significantly assist in your diabetes management, but it can help lower lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help treat cancer, and promote health and healing with no known side effects or contra-indications.

Superfoods are a category of food that is found only in nature.  A Superfood is nutrient-rich products, consisting of a single natural ingredient made.

Each Superfood has its own special character and features that are an important complement to a balanced diet.

Superfoods are usually derived from fruits or plants from tropical or exotic areas such as the Brazilian rainforest or high mountain in Peru. Such fruits usually do not end up on the menu of Europeans.

 Superfoods provide high-quality sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other nutrients,which fall are those of “normal” food vastly superior. They are low in calories.

Researchers believe Moringa to be the best as it has a nutritional profile that is astounding, particularly because many of the remarkable claims about the nutrient density of the plant have been validated by top researchers and are starting to be widely recognized.


The Moringa Tree 

Moringa is a tree that grows  in several countries worldwide and has benefited people with medical and health problems for generations. Moringa leaves and seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

There are 13 species of Moringa grown worldwide, ranging in size from tiny herbs to massive trees. This publication will deal with the one used in our diabetes management, the Moringa Oleifera tree.

Moringa Oleifera is one of those multi-purpose vegetal species with exceptional nutritional and therapeutic properties.

It can be used to fight and prevent many diseases while improving the sources of antioxidants for humans.

The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to the southern Himalayas, which has spread to other parts of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Arabian Peninsula, East, Africa and West, South Florida, Caribbean, Central America, much of South America and in many the tropical ecosystems of the world.Moringa tree

It is found in different sorts of soils, and has a capacity to adapt to moderate to dry precipitation and different ranges of temperature conditions. These trees grow quickly and is not killed by lack of water or poor soil.

Moringa is a well-known tree that grows in countries with tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates. Tablets, capsules, and powders made from its leaves are nowadays easily available worldwide.

People in countries around the world have known about the healing properties of Moringa for generations. It is used to relieve Malnutrition in many countries that suffer droughts and famine, and used by mothers when suckling.

It cannot be emphasized enough:

The importance of the advice of your Diabetes Consultant or Medical Practitioner, as you know, diabetes is a lifetime commitment.

Moringa capsulesThe information given is about an effective aid, a supplement for want of a better word, for the control of diabetes. Its aim is to reduce or maybe even assist in reversing diabetes, which you must do in conjunction with your Medical Practitioner’s advice.

As a diabetic you already know the importance of regularly monitoring your blood sugar level and it will be even more so after you start taking the medicine we are about to tell you about.

We all know the dangers of Hypoglycaemia, so when you notice your blood sugar levels decreasing, you must inform your Medical Practitioner, so your prescribed daily medication can be reduced accordingly.

A balanced diet and exercise are very important, but any help in ways to combat this life changing condition is well worth knowing, and this information you will find invaluable.

Why is Moringa so effective?

moringa dry leaf powder

Moringa Oleifera Dry Leaf Powder

  • Rich in various antioxidants, including Quercetin and Cholorogenic Acid.
  • Quercetin: A powerful antioxidant to help lower blood pressure.
  • Chlorogenic Acid: Moderates blood sugar levels and lowers
  • Increases blood antioxidant levels, with antioxidant plant compounds found in the leaves
  • Rich in Vitamins and essential Amino Acids




Moringa contains Bisothiocyanate, and many scientific studies have shown that this chemical has Anti-Cancer and Chemoprotective capabilities.

This chemoprotective aspect is crucial for those who are battling cancer; this helps strengthen cells so that they can tolerate chemotherapy.

Aside from that, there are still many reasons why Moringa Oleifera is a very good ally in a cancer prevention or treatment plan because it’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential in keeping the body in the pink of health.

Incorporating Moringa in your daily diet will keep diseases and infections at bay because of its Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergenic and Anti-viral properties.

Don’t despair

I was terrified when I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 over five-years-ago. I knew my life would, and had to, drastically change.

Living in Cambodia, I spent the next few years trying unsuccessfully to control my blood sugar levels, I was prescribed the maximum daily dose (2000mg) of Metformin and other glycemic drugs with little success.

Watching my diet and trying to exercise was difficult as I like chocolate and I was bone-idle. However hard I tried nothing seemed to work.

My daily EAG (Estimated Average Glucose Level) would be anywhere between 10 -18 mmol/l range on my daily Gluco-Sure check, and my 3-month Hb A1c was anywhere between 9 – 16 mmol/l.

Then, a few years ago, my Medical Practitioner told me that unless I lowered my blood sugar levels I would need to start taking insulin injections.

A friend then told me about a tree that grows all over Cambodia and worldwide, with leaves that help lower blood sugar levels…

He told me that I could buy this in pills, capsules, powder and fresh leaves, easily in Cambodia.

To my surprise, he was right. I bought a pot of organic 100mg Moringa capsules.

Although sceptical, I took them at the recommended dose in conjunction with my prescribed meds,

Although I noticed no change in my readings for a few weeks, I did feel better. Over the next few months, my blood sugar readings went down daily and towards the end of 3 months, my daily reading was between  6.3 – 7.5 mmol/l throughout the day.

After several months of taking the Capsules, Leaf powder (which I drink with freshly squeezed carrot juice), and Moringa Tea, my next 3-month Hb Alc reading was 6.4 mmol/l.

moringa tea with gingerOn my next 3 monthly check-up, my surprised Doctor reduced my daily meds.

I eat chocolate and cakes in moderation and have an occasional glass of red wine.

Furthermore, my previous high cholesterol is also now at an acceptable level…

This is the best Moringa Tea I have found so far. Very flavorful!

Moringa’s other aid to healing.

Prior to taking Moringa, whenever I got a cut it tended to bleed a lot and it took time to heal due to the humid climate where I live. Now, as a result of using the oil, I find that any cuts or abrasions heal significantly faster.

               Moringa Oils                                                Moringa Baby wash

Excellent for helping scars heal.                       Keeps skin healthy and revitalized

moringa oil                          baby wash

Moringa FAQ’s

Is Moringa safe?

Yes, Organic Moringa is a natural product.

Pharmaceutical companies extract active ingredients from plants and sell them as drugs.

The benefits of medicinal plants cannot be replicated due to their synergistic combination of hundreds of naturally occurring phytochemicals that cannot be reproduced.

Research suggests that there are no side effects, only benefits with Moringa

Can you guarantee it will work for me?

No, the same way you cant guarantee an aspirin will cure a headache.

Use Moringa as directed and you will see and feel improvement.

Do not use Moringa in boiling fluids,

How long will it take to see results?

That will vary. Moringa has to get into your system. In my case, I noticed the change in a few weeks. For others I know who take it, it varied.

Where can I buy Moringa?

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